Pirie Torrens Oil and Gas Project


The Company’s 100% owned Pirie Torrens Oil and Gas Project incorporates six Petroleum Exploration Licence Applications (PELAs) located in South Australia and covering approximately 53,000 km2.

Petroleum exploration activities in the project area first commenced in 1956, when Santos was established to drill for oil at Wilkatana. This work, and subsequent drilling by other companies, confirmed the presence of oil and gas across the area of interest.

Lakes Oil proposes to review and reprocess historic data, including more recent seismic information gathered by Geoscience Australia, and to investigate potential for drilling of a stratigraphic core hole to further geological knowledge of the basin. Of particular near-term interest to the Company are:

  • the potential for oil production to the north of Wilkatana (in an area of closure, associated with the Torrens Hinge Zone, that can be identified on modern seismic data but which has not yet been drilled); and
  • the potential for production of gas from the Tindelpina Shale, which has been demonstrated to contain gas but has not been explored using modern techniques.

Progress of the project will require the PELAs to be converted into licences, which in turn will require native title matters to be finalised.