Vision and Strategy

The Company’s Vision is to be a leading supplier of sustainable, reliable energy to meet Australian industry and household needs. The Company’s Strategy to realise its Vision and to deliver attractive, sustainable returns for Shareholders involves three steps:

Step 1: Achieve commercial production of gas at Wellesley, in Queensland, and then, by approximately 2024, commence production of gas from the Wombat gas field in Gippsland, Victoria.

Step 2: Leverage returns from producing assets to fund Company operations and to develop other assets in the Company’s portfolio.

Step 3: Diversify, by being at the vanguard in identifying and promoting viable new technologies for sustainable energy supply. The Company considers this third step is critical to remaining relevant in the fast evolving energy universe.

Where opportune and in the interests of Shareholders, the Company will enter into arrangements with other parties to explore, develop and commercialise existing projects or new technological initiatives.